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Abstract Glow


Jess is passionate about building community and has recently opened Satyam, a conscious space for her meditation community in the heart of Bondi. 

Nestled amongst a Balinese sanctuary, you’ll find a secret spot... A luxurious, warm, light-filled space for you to feel calm and supported, surrounded by a loving, vibrant community.


‘Satya’ is the Sanskrit word for Truth. It's root form is ‘Sat’, meaning 'Being' – ultimately, when we dive into the state of Being inside of meditation, we begin to realise our own inner Truth. We transcend the mind and ego, the stories we tell ourselves and are told by media and society, we let go of limiting beliefs and unconscious dogmas that make us feel small, and we submerge into the nectar of our purest essence - unbounded consciousness, pure presence.


What we come to realise is that the Truth of our innate nature is actually Bliss. We are born whole, here to love and to experience a full life.

Through dipping into Bliss daily, we begin to stabilise this as our reality outside of meditation. Meaning, that we live with a backdrop of the meditative state in our awareness all the time, including when we are working, hanging out with friends or doing the dishes...and so life becomes Blissful.

Satyam (with an ‘m’), means the invocation of Truth. And this our intention for you all… That you have a space to truly expand, meditate and belong - so that you may establish your inner Truth and radiate life and Bliss for all to enjoy


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