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Your Inner Guru

We receive thousands of messages and stories every day from social media, culture, parents and even our friends, telling us what we should be doing in life. You might have mentors and teachers that guide you along your path but only you can know what's truly best for you. In the Vedic tradition, a Guru is literally translated as 'remover of darkness', meaning a guru is any form of teacher who helps reveal one's own inner light. Ultimately, what will be revealed, is our highest truth - our own inner Guru. I notice the bombardment of opinions especially so with motherhood; through my own experience and with mothers in my community. It can sometimes feel like everyone else has the answers but just because something worked for them, doesn't mean it will resonate with you. When we learn to connect with our inner Guru, we stop conforming and create our own reality, unique to us. But how do we connect to our inner Guru? How can we detect what's true for us? When we practice Vedic Meditation, we transcend the conscious thinking mind. We transcend the stories we've been told and those we tell ourselves, and we connect with our deepest truth, Being. The state of Being is our innate essence, it's pure presence, wakefulness without thought. With this technique, we are able to come away from our meditation practice with a sense of spaciousness between us and our thoughts. We can naturally and easily discern what resonates deeply versus what might be dogma or a cultural narrative that we are subconsciously buying into. So why have we deviated from this natural capability, particularly when we know the state of Being is innate? Many of us do not exist in a culture that honours intuition and there's so much pressure to conform and behave like others. Through life's waves, we've accumulated impressions and experiences that actually cloud our capability for this vision. Vedic Meditation helps us to let go of these impressions. As we remove the layers of stress and cloudiness, we begin to see more clearly without the bias of our past conditioning. It is a daily practice that enlivens our brain's fullest potential, enabling our ability to trust our direct experience of life. We are our own Guru. We simply need to look within.

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