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An advanced technique is designed to take one’s awareness to the layer of consciousness that comprises of the interface between thinking and Being, known as Ritam (meaning 'whole truth'). This stratum of awareness is like nectar to the 5 senses, drawing our senses to experience deeper and deeper subtlety. Your sharpened five senses create a sixth sense - your intuition. Alongside the mind's new capability to hold both Being and thinking, you will find yourself perceiving the subtlety in your environment and hence being able to adapt to and even pre-emt change in your life. Through habituation of stabilising the meditative state, we find ourselves immersed in the present moment, taking our Bliss into action and enjoying the richness and beauty life has to offer.

Some of the benefits of receiving an Advanced Technique are:

  • refined subtle perception and intuition

  • greater adaptability and stability within a changing environment

  • increased presence whilst in action

  • better decision making

You might feel ready to receive an Advanced Technique if:

  • you'd like to shift gears in your meditation practice and fasten your evolutionary journey

  • you feel your meditation has plateaued and are looking for a more profound experience

  • you'd like to have more subtle experiences inside and outside meditation

  • you have been practising consistently for at least a year (prerequisite)

"I love my advance technique so much, it added a layer to my practice which I never even knew existed and couldn't imagine life before it! My practice instantly felt deeper, whilst still being very aware of surroundings, which transferred directly into my daily life of being very deep yet staying in the present moment. I would highly recommend as it truly transports you to the next level and changes the whole practice, making life so much better." 

- Charlotte, Business Owner

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