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We are on a mission to empower people to experience the truth of who they are as an infinite source of Bliss and potential, through meditation, ancient wisdom and community support.

Meet Jess

Jess Osie is a mother and Vedic Meditation teacher. 


She is on a mission to empower her students to awaken and embody their deepest essence. Through the teachings of Vedic Meditation and Vedic Wisdom, she supports her students to let go, find inner stability and live a more loving, whole and abundant life. Jess is Mother to India-Rose who teaches Jess every day to be present, surrender deeper and open more fully into love.


Jess' journey led her to deepen her understanding of ancient wisdom and modern science. Having trained extensively in India under her teacher, Vedic Master, Thom Knoles as well as qualifying as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Jess is passionate about sharing all she has learned, in the most accessible and relatable way, so that you too can experience the most out of life!


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"Jess exudes such warmth and generosity and has so effortlessly welcomed me into her community.  She shares her Vedic knowledge with such grace and honesty each and every week andI always look forward to the new pearls of wisdom on offer every time we connect. I am in true appreciation of having connected with her for this ongoing experience."

- Jacq, Interior Designer

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