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A 5-week online journey dedicated to honouring and nurturing YOU and the sacred role of being a mother

"It was nurturing, empowering and affirming. A powerful reminder of my power, value and intuition."

- Alexis

Mama this is a space for you ~ to be held, to be seen, to be nourished and witnessed in all of your divine power, struggle and glory. 

The demands of Motherhood are immense and invite us to stretch, expand and often go beyond our limits. Our growth and transformation largely happens behind closed doors, in the quiet moments. Too often we are unwitnessed in our experience, and more than anything, have little time to express or integrate it.


My own personal experience of the wild ride has inspired me to create Vedic Mamas Circle; a sacred space to share in each others’ wisdom and experience the inherent magic that arises within ourselves and the collective when women gather.


Over the five weeks, we’ll journey together through the following themes:


Week 1: SELF ~ we’ll explore what true self-care means. So much of motherhood is in our giving, but where is it that you feel truly topped up, supported and resourced? Self-care is more than just bubble baths - how do you meet yourself when things are hard? How do you honour yourself as a mama? 

Week 2: LOVE ~ and relationships, and how these evolve through this rite of passage. Among many polarities in Motherhood, there is a wild spectrum that exists; the dance between the sacred and the mundane. Discover and apply ‘surrender and devotion’ from the Vedic worldview and how these innate states are not what we always think them to be.

Week 3: CREATE ~ you are a moving portal of creation, a conduit of the Divine. Perhaps you’ve experienced more creative energy since birth? We’ll deepen our embodiment of our creative essence and explore how to channel this creativity into our daily lives.

Week 4: FLOW ~  discover family flow through the lens of your family nervous system. Create rituals and rhythms that light you up and support flow and ease throughout the whole family system.

Week 5: REBIRTH ~ integrate and metabolise your experience. Give yourself the gift of time and space to process all you have been through, and all you are becoming. Here we will harvest the jewels of your motherhood initiation.

VMC is for you if:

- You desire to experience the fullness of motherhood, whilst being seen and held for all you are giving 
- You want to show up as the most elevated version of yourself for you, your baby and your family
- You’re ready to connect to your deep inner knowing, your intuition 
- You want to embody the bridge between the sacred and mundane in daily mamahood life

- You desire to form connections and bonds with other beautiful mamas in our community
- You see Motherhood as one of your greatest initiations and you desire support and an opportunity to be witnessed in your rebirth


"Through this journey, I found a greater connection to myself, alignment with my purpose as a Mother, a group of like-minded women, deep knowledge and support. I would recommend this course to anyone at any stage of Motherhood!"

- Kylee

What you will receive:


  • 5 x 75 min sessions where we will share sacred space, explore the weekly themes as outlined above and meditate together, leaving you with a greater sense of connection to yourself, your family, your role as mama and to your dear sisters. (Please note, if you cannot attend a session, each session will be recorded to watch at your availability.)

  • Practical weekly exercises to integrate and further embody the essence of each session (these will be accessible and won't take much of your precious time)

  • Access to a private WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, share experiences and be supported through the 5-week journey. 

  • The opportunity to connect with other like-hearted mothers in our community

The program dates: 


Weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm AEDT for 5 consecutive weeks starting 11 June.


Investment Options:


Upfront Payment

$350 AUD


Payment Plan

$130 over three payments ($390 AUD)

get in touch directly

for this option

"VMC really offers something so special and nurturing. The way Jess speaks and the way she embodies the knowledge is impeccable. There’s a very high level of trust between the recipients and her.Taking this time for me was exactly what I needed"
- Sophie


We are so looking forward to you joining us in this sacred space.


Some raw mamahood snaps x

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