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A round is intentionally designed to take you deeper in meditation. Consisting of gentle yoga asana (positions) and pranayama (breathwork), the body begins to unwind stress prior to meditation, so by the time we start meditating, we truly dive into the state of Being. A Round is an advanced technique that can be practiced to have a more profound meditation experience, experience deep rest and let go of some of our more deep-seated stress. It's like hitting the reset button. 


Learning to Round will:

  • profoundly pacify the nervous system (you will feel much calmer, clearer and more grounded)

  • help to let go of more deep-seated stress and fatigue

  • bring greater depth to your practice

  • allow you to feel more centred and connected to yourself amongst the collective stress

  • help reconnect you to your practice if you've fallen off

Workshop includes:

  • step by step instruction

  • experience of a collective round

  • Q&A

  • detailed explanation of home practice and modifications

  • take home material

To find out when we are next offering our 'Learn to Round' workshop, and to join the waitlist, please click the button below.

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