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Jess is mother to India-Rose (almost 2 years old) who teaches her every day to be present, surrender deeper and open more fully into love. Meditation for motherhood is something Jess is deeply passionate about and a skill she feels is invaluable to any new parent. At any stage of motherhood, Jess understands how important it is that we nourish ourselves in order to live a vibrant, loving and sustainable family life. Jess truly believes that learning to meditate and integrating the practice into daily life is a profound gift for yourself, your child(ren) and family.


Jess is often asked about her experience as both a meditator and a mother. With her daughter as her constant teacher, Jess flows through the dance of motherhood daily. She names Vedic Meditation as her greatest support in being able to fully experience the raw, tender and wild ride that comes with being a mother. Creating a community where women can come together and feel supported, especially on this journey, is one of the reasons for Jess opening her studio space, Satyam; to hold space for women throughout their journey to motherhood.



In these interviews we talk about the importance of meditation for mothers:


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These resources greatly supported (and continue to support) Jess through her journey of transition to motherhood and postpartum. Her wish is that they may be of some support to you too.

Doula and Naturopath - Anna-Maria Boelskov


Postpartum services, Ayurvedic practitioner, fertility massage - Dani Escobar from Soma Shakti

Ayurvedic practitioner specialising in Women's Health - Dylan Smith from Vital Veda

Birth education and empowerment - She Births

Prenatal, Post-natal and Beyond - Bodylove Pilates

Boutique Chiropractic Studio - Awaken Life Chiropractic


‘The Conscious Parent’ 
by Dr Shefali Tsabari

‘Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering’ by Dr Sarah Buckley



For more information on how Vedic Meditation can support you through motherhood, please get in touch.

"Learning with Jess not only helped make my pregnancy, birth and parenthood

more enjoyable but it has also transformed me

to become a better partner, friend, mother and person as a whole."

- Nina, Fitness Instructor and Mum


+61 402 123 440 | hello@jessosie.com

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