"I first met Jess at a workshop she was hosting and instantly fell in love with her energy and wisdom. Being pregnant at the time, the fact that Jess was a mum and spoke of the benefits her meditation course had on her pregnancy and motherhood really caught my attention. As any mother-to-be the prospect of giving birth or becoming a mummy for the first time can be daunting. Her course however, not only helped make my pregnancy, birth and parenthood more enjoyable but it has also transformed me to become a better partner, friend and person as a whole."


"an incredibly powerful tool in training the mind, finding inner peace and maintaining an overall sense of stability in an otherwise chaotic world. I now can’t imagine my life without this practise" 


“Sitting around the dinner table the other night the question was asked “what is the best thing you have done this year”.  My immediate reply without hesitation was “learning to meditate with Jess Osie”.  Her techniques and practices have steered me to a calmer and clearer way of thinking and dealing with daily stresses.  Meditation is part of my daily routine which I look forward to every day.”


"Meditation has quickly become my daily tonic, my go-to "bottle of wine ", my preferred "chill pill " and my reliable best friend. An unexpected bonus is finding myself slipping into a meditative state of calm, in the midst of a busy task or demanding situation, instead of ratcheting levels of stress and anxiety, as used to be the case. I feel profoundly grateful to Jess, who, with her gentle, calm nature and innate wisdom has guided me towards my true inner self. To have Jess as a teacher, is a precious gift that deserves to be shared."


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