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Honouring the Divine Feminine Within

Blue Mountains 

Our 4-day rounding retreat provides a space for you to immerse, dive deep, release stress, & nourish yourself.

Held at the serene Brightlands Retreat in Leura, a 1.5-hour drive from Sydney, you'll be surrounded by lush nature, breathtaking views & unique wildlife. This rounding retreat is designed to leave you feeling truly rejuvenated.  


Just a stone's throw from the Blue Mountains National Park, in the manicured grounds of Brightlands, this beautiful spot provides the perfect environment to learn and deepen your practice with the incredible technique of Rounding, accompanied by advanced knowledge talks and incredible food.


Dive deep into yourself and be held in lush lands and the container of community where you will accelerate the release of stress and gain deep rest completing several Rounds a day. A weekend’s Rounding Retreat is the equivalent of six months to a year of twice-daily meditation practice.

Our Rounding Retreat will be a beautiful opportunity to honour the divine feminine within. We will be exploring different ways to access the divine feminine, different expressions of the divine feminine and experience the abundant power of when women come together.

If you'd like to join us on this expansive retreat, please see all the details below & secure your spot. 





Rounding is designed to purify the mind and body at the deepest level. This process consists of a specific sequence of gentle yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama), meditation, and horizontal rest. You will complete several rounds a day, and in this way, will let go of exponential amounts of stress.



Brightlands Retreat

6 Eastview Avenue,

Leura NSW 2780, Australia

If you’d like to organise a carpool, please get in touch and we will try to pair you up.


  • $1350 for a shared room (per person) - extra rooms added!

  • $1690 for a single room  - extra rooms added!

A $450 deposit is required to secure your spot. 


Payment plans are available so please get in touch once your deposit is paid.

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Who is the retreat for? Women wishing to:

  • Deepen their practice

  • Profoundly let go of stress in a short amount of time

  • Reset and take a few days escape

  • Connect with other meditators in our beautiful community

  • Explore and honour the divine feminine

  • Grow, evolve & nourish yourself

What if I'm new to meditation:

Rounding can be learnt and practised at any stage of the journey. 

What will the food be like:

  • Delicious!

  • All meals are vegetarian cooked with fresh produce and will follow Ayurvedic principles 

  • We will cater to specific requirements as best we can

  • We will provide a light breakfast (as we don't want a full stomach when Rounding) and a beautiful lunch & dinner

I have no yoga experience or am pregnant or have an injury, can I participate:

  • No yoga experience is required. We have modifications for those who have injuries or are pregnant.

If I book a twin share, who will I share with:

  • If you come with a friend you can choose to share a room with them, otherwise Jess will pair you with someone you’ll get on with. The property is very spacious so you’ll have plenty of time & space to yourself.

If you would like to learn more and hear from my teacher Thom Knoles on Vedic Rounding you can listen to his podcast here

Grow, evolve, deepen friendships & nourish yourself. This retreat is an all women's retreat and open to all Vedic Meditators at any point in their journey.


Jess is currently on maternity leave, please join the waitlist below to keep updated on Jess' return.

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