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  • Jess Osie

Creation, Maintenance, Destruction

From the Vedic world view, there are three evolutionary forces at play which govern the way Nature unfolds. Everything starts as some form of creation, moves through a time of being maintained and is then ultimately destroyed. Rather than thinking about creation vs destruction or good vs bad, we understand Nature in this way, that everything moves through this cycle; everything has a time and a relevancy.

As we transition out of Winter and move towards Spring, a time when seeds are planted and creation blooms, we are invited to align with Nature and plant our own seeds of intention. This year has felt particularly chaotic collectively and as we step into a new season, we are offered the opportunity to enter a new creation cycle.

In this way, I invite you to take this opportunity to reflect on these operating forces of Nature (creation, maintenance and destruction) in your own lives. Can you sit for 10 minutes and reflect on how you are currently experiencing them and what you'd like to create?

What is being highlighted for deletion?

Irrelevant ways of thinking, behavioural patterns, relationship dynamics etc. Things that are no longer serving you.

Is there something that you’re over maintaining?

The ever-repeating known, holding onto repetitive or habitual ways for the sake of it, lacking any inspiration or creativity. Over maintaining leads to destruction.

What creative seeds are germinating now?

What intentions do we have for the coming months? What do you want to create for yourself and in the world? When we set an intention, remember to let go of attachment to timings and specific outcomes.

With Love,


Photo credit: @ibu_ayurveda

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