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Co-Creating With Nature

Have you ever felt you have been over-maintaining the status quo in your life? Like life is a string of monotonous events, and you continue to go along with what you're habituated in?

Creating ritual and rhythms are important, but if overpl

ayed, it can stifle our creativity, leading us to become stuck in old patterns of thinking, in careers we may have outgrown and relationships that have passed their used by date. Nature is ever-changing, adapting and evolving, and to be in alignment with nature means to surrender to this flow in the way we live our lives.

We have the opportunity to participate in our own evolution and therefore co-create with Nature. One of the simplest ways to do this is to infuse more creativity into your life.

My husband Tony and I have a ritual where we take a look at our lives, and go beyond the admin, to-do lists, weekly plans, and step back and choose the reality we would like to invite in next.

It's simple really; we create a space that feels conducive to creativity. For us, we tend to either light incense at home and sit on a blanket with cacao on the floor, or go to one of our favourite cafes and sit in the sunshine and drink chai.

Then, we ask ourselves the following questions:

~ If we could create anything, what do we really desire for the next 3 months?

~ How do we want to feel?

~ What do we need to call in (actions, support) to align with that?

This is about stepping back, and seeing what's possible in your life, with a fresh and broad perspective.

In the Vedic worldview, we do not have manifestation boards, we plant the seeds of intentionality, and we allow Nature to organise and orchestrate the details. It's a process of co-creation with Nature.

We can create our reality. We get to choose a life of bliss, abundance and grace, no matter what our circumstances are.

Abundance and Bliss are our true Nature. And actualising these embodied states comes from realising this.

I invite you to look at the "how" ~ how do we approach our weekly schedule? How do we tend to the dishes? How will we spend our sacred time before and after work?

I invite you to feel into your heart’s deepest desire and begin something new today. Today and every day, by enlivening your creative essence, may you feel the bliss of abundance, your natural state.

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