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Going Through 'Big' Times? I feel it too.

Sometimes the current of life pulls us to places and in directions we don’t expect, and we can experience sweet surprises and rough initiations. What we can learn from these wild currents is that beyond the surface of the waves, is a place that is completely still. Meditation is learning to duck dive, transcending these currents into a place of calm, ease, and bliss. I’ve been hearing, in group meditation and mentoring sessions, that many of you are going through something big. Something deep. I feel it too. What are these big times asking of us? Big times can feel like a fire. A fire of initiation. I often describe the challenging times I've had as sitting in or walking through fire. Fire, according to the Vedic worldview, is the element of change and transformation. It is that which metabolises. So, it's literally an opportunity to transmute and alchemise, become more expanded, more embodied, and deepen into our truest selves.

The fire of transformation burns and singes those aspects of self, and life, that are no longer relevant, causing us to re-birth and emerge in a whole new way.

But this isn’t to say it’s not sometimes a painful process, and significantly challenging, it is fire after all.

How can Vedic Meditation support us during these times? In meditation, we let go of stress and fatigue, unwinding old habits and past triggers. Our perception of reality becomes clearer. We also experience the breadth of awareness that allows us to experience a thing, without completely identifying with that thing. Meaning, we can be moving through something challenging whilst having the awareness of it. Awareness is what creates space. The space helps us to unravel - we can witness, bring a broad perspective and ultimately perceive the opportunity for evolution. Meditation provides us space to live and revel in life, even when we’re in the midst of these ‘big’ times. So when we find ourselves being pulled to and fro in the wild currents of the outer world, dive deep into that inner stability ~ it’s from here we can view each situation from a place of calm, ease and bliss. If you'd like to learn more about how Vedic Meditation can support you to access your innate inner stability, join us on a free Vedic Meditation Intro Talk, register here.

If you're a Vedic Meditator and would like further support, join us for Group Meditation each Sunday 6pm - register here. Or dive deep with me through a Private Mentoring session or package.

With love,

Jess x

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