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  • Jess Osie

The Science of Self-Care

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We are hearing a lot about the need for “self-care” right now. Let’s explore what this actually means. From a Vedic Meditation perspective, we could liken our self-care to topping up our Adaptation Energy. I like to use the common analogy of filling up our cups, of resting and restoring, in order to give freely and show up as our brightest and best selves.

Adaptation Energy (AE) is the term we use to describe how much energy we have in order to adapt to a demand or change in expectation. If we've depleted our stores of AE, when the next demand arises we get stressed (experience the fight/flight response). Think fast heartbeat, increased adrenaline leading to weaker immunity, poor digestion and, on top of that, we store and accumulate the stress impressions in our cellular memory.

When we are stressed (or non-adaptive) we feel overwhelmed, stuck or anxious. We can become reactive and say things we don’t mean. We might make inaccurate assessments of the environment, feel bound by the circumstance and make poor decisions. In contrast, when we have topped up our AE, we are able to respond from a place of calm. There is a sense of spaciousness between us and the world around us, we have more empathy and we are using more of our brain's potential.

So how do we go about topping up our AE?

AE is highly correlated to rest. When we rest, the body naturally restores and rejuvenates - it's like pressing a big "reset button". When we are in a rested state, we are able to respond to the environment and the people around us with abundant energy and ease. You might think of it as your social responsibility. We aren’t simply resting for us, but resting so that we may be the best version of ourselves and bring that to our work, partners, children and the world around us.

I encourage you to notice and uncover the things that bring you to your deep place of rest. I encourage any form of self-care that fills your cup and brings abundant energy to your life. One of the most potent ways to to fill up your cup is through our practice of Vedic Meditation. Here, we experience a form of rest deeper than sleep, let go of stress and submerge into the nectar of our inner Being.

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